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Eagle Club

Eagle Club Scholarship Program

The Eagle Club Student-Athlete Scholarship Program in facilitating a record 2011 year in membership and fundraising. We set new fundraising and membership records for this year because wonderful folks such as you care enough to "Make A Difference" for Our University Home and its credentials - Our Students. As we charge forth into the 2012 campaign it should never go without saying that your investment in The Eagle Club is a lifelong "difference-maker" for young Southern Miss Student-Athletes who are leaders on the playing field, in the classroom and across many local communities. Due to your support, these young men and women daily learn social responsibility, community leadership and more important, how to think.

In this regard, our Student-Athletes collectively recorded a graduation rate of 83% surpassing most major universities across Mississippi and Conference-USA. Furthermore, they continue to excel as well in sports competition, across the community and into the post-graduate environment where they continue to make us proud to be a Golden Eagle. Full scholarships support is now at $12,000 annually and partials can be broken down for any level of support. The cost of scholarships now exceeds $4.5 million on an annual basis.

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