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Updated March 26, 2014
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Southern Miss Compliance

Dear Prospective Student-Athlete:

Thank you for your interest in Southern Miss Athletics! Before any Golden Eagle student-athlete steps on the court, field, or track, he or she must be certified as eligible under NCAA regulations. It is never too early to begin mapping your path to eligibility!

All incoming student-athletes must have their amateurism and academic eligibility certified by the NCAA. This process begins when you register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. Do this as soon as possible!

A full academic qualifier will pass 16 "core" courses during high school and present a qualifying core GPA and ACT/SAT score(s). Grades and test scores are measured together on a sliding scale; currently, the minimum core GPA required by the NCAA is 2.0. Beginning in the fall of 2016, incoming student-athletes must present at least a 2.3 GPA and pass 10 core credits prior to their senior year.

The NCAA's academic requirements can be difficult to understand. The NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete is a helpful resource available to you. You can also find a quick reference guide to NCAA initial-eligibility requirements here. Finally, the NCAA has created an interactive website detailing the heightened initial-eligibility academic requirements that apply to all 2016 and subsequent high school graduates.

Junior college and 4-year transfers must meet separate eligibility requirements. Those requirements can be found here.

Incoming student-athletes must also be admitted to Southern Miss. For admissions information, please visit the Southern Miss Admissions site. Beginning in the fall of 2014, incoming freshmen must be admitted to the University by June 30th. Information on financial aid can be found here.

We hope this outline of NCAA initial-eligibility requirements has been helpful to you. Below, we have included several additional NCAA resources designed to answer commonly asked questions. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact the Southern Miss Compliance Office at


     The Southern Miss Compliance Staff

2016 Initial Eligibility Requirements Get Acrobat Reader
Southern Miss Financial Aid Get Acrobat Reader
Southern Miss Admissions Get Acrobat Reader
NCAA Guide for College Bound Student-Athletes Get Acrobat Reader
NCAA Eligibility Center Website
NCAA Transfer Eligibility Guide Get Acrobat Reader
NCAA Freshman Eligibility Get Acrobat Reader
NCAA Guide for International Students Get Acrobat Reader
NCAA Initial Eligibility Resources Get Acrobat Reader
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