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Student Academic Enhancement Program


Academic Services

Academic Counseling

The SAEP staff provides academic counseling to each student-athlete at the University of Southern Mississippi. Each staff member is assigned various athletic teams to oversee and support. In this role, staff members provide their assigned student-athletes guidance regarding major and course selection, guidance regarding academic eligibility as it pertains to NCAA and USM policies, and guidance in day-to-day academic matters.

Tutorial Services

The SAEP's tutorial services are available in numerous subject areas for all student-athletes at Southern Miss. The tutorial staff undergoes monthly training in order to ensure they provide the most effective and professional support possible. If needed, mentors are also available to assist with study skills, organization, and academic planning.

Computer Access

With much of today's academic programming relying on computer/internet access, SAEP provides access to both desktop and laptop computers to Southern Miss student-athletes. If needed, student-athletes may check out a laptop on a semester-by-semester basis in order to complete their academic assignments.

Travel Notifications to Instructors

When Southern Miss student-athletes travel, the SAEP staff member assigned to that particular athletic team will provide and individualized notice to each instructor prior to the travel date. This notice highlights the university's excused absence policy regarding athletic competition and requests that the student-athlete and instructor coordinate to ensure all course material is completed.

Campus Referrals

While SAEP provides many services, our office relies heavily on strong relationships across campus. Be it through the Student Counseling Center, the Math Zone, or any of the other varied student support offices on campus, SAEP encourages student-athletes to utilize all of the resources available to them to the fullest extent.

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