15 Greatest Games in Southern Miss Football History

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Southern Miss Athletics November 27, 1958: Southern Miss 20, Chattanooga 13 - Win UPI National Championship

The matchup between Mississippi Southern and Chattanooga occurred on Nov. 27, 1958, on a chilly Thanksgiving afternoon in Chattanooga, with the Southerners perfect season and the UPI College Division National Championship on the line. The Southerners were leading 20-13 when a punt by Moccasin John Green died inches from the Southern goal line. Quarterback George Sekul put the ball in play and fumbled and the Mocs recovered and were in business. Facing first and goal from the one-yard line, Southern defensive linemen Hugh McInnis, John Russell, Joe Battaglia, Richard Johnston, Jim Taylor, John Perkins and Bob Yencho staged a magnificent goal-line stand. Chattanooga's first play resulted in no gain, while the Mocs' second down attempt lost a yard when the ball was bobbled. The third-down play regained that yard, but the defense held on fourth down. The line, backed by Tommy Morrow, Sammy Broyles, J.C. Arban and Sekul, had saved the school's perfect season and the national championship and in the process produced one of the Greatest Games in Southern Miss Football.